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Swordwhale: Earth, Life, Fandom

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Warning: this blog is a veritable starshipload of Guardians of the Galaxy spoilers.

...there are also a lot of Night Furies about...

Here there be...
Earth (science, animals, environment)...
Life: (inspirational hilarious schtuff)
Fandom: (you know, fandom)

Yes, it spells ELF.

Here there also be Elves, Dwarves, and other denizens of Middle Earth, as well as dragons, timelords, pirates, Sherlockians, Avengers, Enterprise crew, Jedi, Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks and other animation, random vintage stuff, horses, cats and other animals, Nature, Science, and whatever else wanders in...

You'll find art tutorials here as well as some fine fanart from random fandoms around the web, some of my own scribblings and cartoons, and photosets of real life adventures you could be having too.

Adventures here:

Swordwhale's art here:
(both family friendly)

No real NSFW, but plenty of "language" from fandom and celebrities, so if you're a kid go look at my other tumblrs and what are you doing on tumblr anyway????

Sentinels: Cape May WWII watchtower and lighthouse.